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Organic Church Growth

Click the image above to visit the Organic Church Growth Conference page. You will find more information about the conference, as well as a registration form.


Conference & Training

Click the image above to visit our Events page. You will find information and registration info for the New Generation Training taking place on February 16th.



Click the image above to visit the 2016 General Assembly page. You will find information on new changes to the registration process, and links to the GA16 webpage where you will be able to register and secure housing.


Pastor Donnie Fine (Interim), Dayton | Effective November 30

Pastor Andre Wright, Louisville-Topside | Effective November 30

Pastor Jason Sharpe, Pulaski-The Well | Effective December 6

Pastor David Bandy, North Lenoir | Effective December 21



Coming soon!






  • The Gateway Church of God in Shelbyville, Tennessee has been highlighted on page 14 of the February issue of the Evangel.  Please take a few moments to read this article written by Pastor Jason Daughdrill.

  • Progress is being made on the new church building at Chattanooga Cornerstone Church! They are just a few months away from moving in, and the congregation is looking forward to having a consistent place to worship that they can call their own.