Bishop... kind of a different way to communicate, but since I feel visuals will really go a long way in helping us move forward quickly, here we go. Call me if you want to go over these once you've looked at them. Once we have a design you like and want to proceed with it won't take very long to get the rest of the website built out. You'll have to login as a visitor a couple of times.

Things to keep in mind while you're looking: 

  1. I do not have much information plugged in yet - you'll see mostly placeholder text and some place holder images. There are some links to show different possibilities.
  2. If you like elements of one but want to combine it with another, I can probably do that.
  3. If you don't like any of the below let's talk again.

Feature 1

This site starts with a landing page, then takes you into the site. The landing page scrolls through different images of Tennessee... but can be whatever images you'd like - Campmeeting, prayer conference, youth camp, Winterfest... etc. ALSO - if you like the landing page but you prefer one of the other sites, it can be used with any site you choose.

The site that follows is probably the most simple of the sites.

Feature 2

A more sleek, visual site. This site has parallax scrolling, which is a fairly "new" type of website. 

Feature 3

This site is the most visually intensive, very different from what you have now. Lots of images contrast with the black backgrounds.  You are going to be required to put in a password for this site.