TN Church of God Hurricane Response

First, I want to say thank you to those churches and ministers who have already responded to the need in Texas because of Hurricane Harvey.

I talked with Bishop Tim Brown in Texas late yesterday. He has ten churches in Houston that report to his office that have been affected by the hurricane. One of the challenges in responding to this crisis is a lack of access to the city. He said, "We cannot assess the situation with the churches until we can get access." To this point, access is very limited because of continued flooding.

We want to be strategic in our response so we can maximize our resources. Here are some options that we presently have:


Receive an offering for the relief effort.  We are partnering with Church of God World Missions, Men and Women of Action, and Operation Compassion to provide funds and emergency supplies. You may send your offering to the Tennessee State Office marked "Hurricane."  You may also give by clicking on the photo above or by going to the World Missions website at COGWM General Hurricane #6BE61B. The following World Missions Project number has been created to track and credit contributions: 765-0036-052. The cost to sponsor a trailer of supplies that includes food, water, blankets, etc. is $3,000.


We are partnering with MWOA to organize groups of Recovery Team volunteers to actually go to the Houston area when access is granted. The Recovery Teams will initially be removing damage and debris, cleaning, and securing buildings.

Harry Dale is our MWOA State Coordinator; his contact number is 423-309-8300. Local church volunteers are being organized through Harry.


Finally, but most important, pray for the people of Texas. Pray for Church of God pastors and their churches who have experienced loss in this disaster. Pray that the Church of God and the Body of Christ will be able to use this opportunity to show the love of God and the hope of the gospel.

Thank you for your partnership!


Mitchell E. Corder
TN State Administrative Bishop