We believe the Church of God in the State of Tennessee has been given the mandate to minister to persons who are incarcerated, emotionally, mentally or physically ill, or experiencing other crisis situations.  Therefore, we are an association of Church of God chaplaincy caregivers in the State of Tennessee whose goals are to recruit and train men and women, helping them to find their place and calling in chaplaincy ministries.


Association Membership Benefits:

1. Access to initial and specialty training in the field of chaplaincy.

2. Opportunities to network with other chaplains in Tennessee.

3. Opportunities to receive credentialing in various forms of specialized chaplaincy training.

4. Training which will enhance pastoral and other ministries.

5. Information regarding professional chaplaincy.


If you are interested in more information about the  program, please download the form below, fill it in and email it to:info@cogtn.org. A member of the Tennessee Church of God Chaplain’s Association Board will contact you regarding your interest in Chaplain ministry. 

6. Training for participation in Disaster Relief.


Association Purposes:

1. To help chaplain candidates discover and develop their gifts and calling in specialized ministries in Tennessee communities in order to bring about needed change in individuals and families experiencing adverse circumstances.

2. To train chaplains to provide pastoral care to all persons regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, creed or religion.

3. To strengthen persons involved in chaplaincy ministries through regular training and accountability.

4. To provide a network of chaplains in the State of Tennessee that, when requested, can distribute needed information to individuals and families.


Dear Friend:

At two o’clock in the morning a Church of God pastor serving as a Community Service Chaplain goes on a ride with a police officer to tell a local businessman that his wife and two small children have been killed in a motor vehicle accident.  A Church of God prison chaplain leads two women to Christ during a Bible study on their cell block.  A Church of God chaplain walks to the hospital morgue with the family of a twenty year old young man who shot and killed himself.

Church of God ministers and Lay persons in the State of Tennessee are involved in law enforcement, prison, hospital, campus, and other chaplaincy ministries.  Others are learning about opportunities for such chaplaincy ministry and are interested in training and involvement.  We now have a State Chaplains Association to provide peer support, training, and opportunities for service.

I invite you to join our Tennessee Church of God Chaplains Association to further develop your gifts in ministry and pastoral care. Contact Darrell Bewley at 423-892-4831 for more information.

Bishop T. Wayne Dority
Administrative Bishop