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McGarity Dramatic Sermon Ministry

When considering retiring from the Pastorate Hubert (Hugh) McGarity began feeling a burden for evangelism but not in the conventional sense.  Having done Dramatic Sermons over the years, this became the venue God was leading him to embrace expressing his burden. Over the recent eighteen months one hundred and eighty-seven persons express either professions of faith or spiritual restorations. God's favor and mighty hand has been evident in this evangelistic endeavor.

He is presenting 'When God Ran',  the story of the Prodigal Son from the perspective of an older prodigal reflecting on his youth. He dresses in a professional made costume with the ambiance of background music and dim lighting. Two powerful songs with audio and visuals are used to add the effectiveness of the presentation.

He has been booked 2015 and 2016 and is now scheduling appointments for 2017.


Says Kip Box, "Powerful, realistic, and passionate."

Says Mike Chapman, "Powerful and our whole congregation was moved and blessed."

Says Ernie Varner, "The Scripture says, 'He that wins souls is wise' - God is using this ministry to win souls."

A laymen in the church says, "Powerful message, I felt as if I was there, it changed my life."

A convert whose life was changed says, "I will remember this day the rest of my life."

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