1.  Evangelizing the Lost

The FINISH Commitment begins with Evangelism.  We are committed to spreading the Gospel and making disciples. (Matthew 28:19)

A primary focus will be to give priority to the ministry of Church Planting and Revitalization as a tool of evangelism that results in the establishment/re-establishment of life-giving, Spirit-filled churches throughout Tennessee.


2.  Equipping the Saints

Equipping is a primary calling of pastors and churches.  We are committed to preparing Christians for the work of their ministry.  (Ephesians 4:12)

In addition to providing strategic learning/training opportunities, we are partnering with other ministries to equip the saints in Tennessee.  One of those ministries is LeaderLabs with Dr. Fred Garmon.  LeaderLabs focuses on the 10 Essential Skills of Leadership.


3.  Encouraging One Another

Encouragement is a relational expression of care for those who labor together with us to fulfill our common mission.  (1 Corinthians 3:9)

One of the ways we are endeavoring to strengthen our relationship among those who partner with us is through the promotion and expansion of Pastoral Covenant Groups. 


4.  Empowering of the Holy Spirit

It is impossible to FINISH the Great Commission without the empowering of the Holy Spirit. (Luke 24:49 & Acts 1:8)

Holy Spirit empowerment and prayer go together!  We are beginning in November a weekly prayer for each church in Tennessee by district.  Also, we are beginning 2017 with 21 Days of Prayer, January 2nd-22nd.

Our E-4 Strategy maximizes the power and potential of our partnership as the Churches of God in Tennessee and facilitates our commitment to FINISH the Great Commission.

The same God, who has had His good hand upon us, still has His hand on the Church of God in Tennessee!