April 2018: Timeless



The word Apex brings to mind terms like pinnacle, summit, peak, and greatest. Apex Leaders are those individuals who have reached the top of their profession. They are recognized for excellence in their area of discipline and have achieved many of its highest awards. Apex Leaders are the absolute best at what they do. But what makes Apex Leaders so unique? Why do they stand out? How do they prepare? How do they think? Did God only tap a few select people on the shoulder and ordain them for greatness, or can you become an exponentially better leader, perhaps even an Apex Leader, by following their example? In Timeless: 10 Enduring Practices of Apex Leaders, you will learn the answer is, YES! Yes, there are things Apex Leaders have done and will always do to achieve great success. Yes, the good news is these practices are things any leader can do. You, too, can accomplish incredible results. The Bible is the best leadership book ever written. By combining its truths with what we learn from modern-day Apex Leaders, Timeless provides you and your team a plan for success.


Brian K. Dodd is the Director of New Ministry Partnerships for INJOY Stewardship Solutions. Over the last two decades, he has had countless conversations with thousands of pastors and church leaders. Brian is the author of 10 Indispensable Practices of the 2-Minute Leader.; His website, Brian Dodd on Leadership, is one of the most read Christian leadership blogs in the world. It is one of the Top 100 Most Shared Leadership Blogs of any genre in the world. Brian has also been recognized as one of Inc. Magazine's Top 100 speakers on leadership. He and his wife, Sonya, have been married for over 25 years, and they have one daughter, Anna. Brian recently served a five-year tenure as one of Fellowship Bible Church's elders in Roswell, Georgia. During this time, he chaired a $15 million capital campaign resulting in the construction of a $5.3 million youth facility. But the main thing Brian would most like for you to know about him is that he absolutely loves Jesus!